[45E043-2015] Dawn Tuesday And Christopher Alvarado - Distant After Midnight

Artists: Dawn Tuesday And Christopher Alvarado
Album: Distant After Midnight
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E043-2015]
Country Of Artists: USA
Style: Ambient, Tribal Ambient
Format: Lossless (FLAC), Aiff, MP3
Release date: 24 November 2015
Tracks: 4
(c) Music By Dawn Tuesday and Christopher Alvarado, 2015
(c) Photography by K. Edward Mitchell, 2015
(c) Photomodel A. Koudriachova, 2015

BANDCAMP (Download album)

1.Above The Moon
2.Hidden In One's Shadow
3.All Things

2015 [c] 45 Echoes Sounds, publication, distribution

Copyright [c] 2015, Released a Creative Commons License For Free Non-Commercial Use As Long As Certain Condition Are met