[45E036-2015] West Remi - Spiritual Symmetry

Artist: West Remi
Album: Spiritual Symmetry
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: 45E036-2015
Country Of Artist: Ukraine - Germany
Style: Ambient Electronic
Total time: 38:00
Format: Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3
Release date: January 2015
Tracks: 7 tracks
Music And Artwork By West Remi

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Album Presentation:

We need the pure love of God and of His creation.
If respect for our neighbour as the image of God is preached,
then society will consist of people who will look at each other not as one wild animal looks at another wild animal,
with malice and lust, but as one brother looks at another brother, with love and mercy.
If human relations are based on chastity and a chaste marriage is considered holy,
then family bonds will not fall apart in a multitude of inhuman divorces.


[07:05] 1. Eternal Love
[05:39] 2. Spiritual Symmetry
[04:48] 3. Parting Breath
[04:15] 4. Expectation
[04:27] 5. Dreams of Heaven
[06:19] 6. Distance
[05:24] 7. The Test

Artist Info:

West Remi creates Ambient, Soundscapes music. The basic concept of creativity -
spiritual and moral condition of modern people.

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Copyright [c] 2015, Released a Creative Commons License For Free Non-Commercial Use As Long As Certain Condition Are met

Personal Copyright:

2015 [c] West Remi
2015 [c] 45 Echoes Sounds, publication, distribution

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