[45E081-2019] Amazon Watcher - Live At Ambient & More Fest Vol. 7

Artist: Amazon Watcher
Album: Live At Ambient & More Fest Vol. 7
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E081-2019]
Country Of Artist: Russia
Style: Ambient, Space Music, Dark Ambient, Live
Release: 29 June 2019
Tracks: 1
Time: 60:06
(c) Music By Kirill Alexandrov (aka lfk kirill) , 2019
(с) Didjeridoo and Percussion by Karnash, 2019
(c) Artwork By 45 Echoes Sounds via Canva, 2018

Description: The recording was made during a live performance at the Pharmaceutical Garden of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, 27 April 2019. Ambient & More Festival Vol. 7

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Release — Bandcamp

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Vkontakte (mp3)
Yandex Disk (mp3. Full complete)

Amazon Watcher Info:
he project of the Moscow musician and multi-instrumentalist LFK Kirill (Kirill Alexandrov) combines ambient and digital sound processing of exotic wind instruments (including didgeridoo) and percussion.
Since the early 2000s, LFK Kirill has been exploring sound in the spirit of Jon Hassel, Nana Vasconcelos and David Hudson, mixing ambient, processed live sound effects and samples of primitive tribes.
AmazonWatcher leads the listener on a leisurely and serious eco-tribal ambient journey.

Проект московского музыканта и мультиинструменталиста LFK Kirill (Кирилл Александров) соединяет эмбиент и цифровую обработку звука экзотических духовых (в т.ч. диджериду) и перкуссии.
С начала 2000-х LFK Kirill исследует звук в духе Jon Hassel, Nana Vasconcelos и David Hudson, смешивая эмбиент, обработанный эффектами живой звук и сэмплы примитивных племен.
Amazon Watcher ведет за собой слушателя в неторопливое и серьезное эко-племенное эмбиент-путешествие.


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