[45E095-2021] EugeneKha - Snow Album

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[45E094mix-2020] Wall Of Ambient Sound 2020 (Mixed by Echoes Sounds

Wall Of Ambient Sound is a traditional mixtape that finalizes the musical results of the outgoing year according to the digital label 45 Echoes Sounds: the mix includes tracks by ambient composers from Russia, Greece, Serbia, the USA and Ukraine. All songs were released by 45 Echoes Sounds in 2020.

Wall Of Ambient Sound - традиционный микстейп, финализирующий музыкальные итоги уходящего года по версии цифрового лэйбла 45 Echoes Sounds: в микс вошли треки эмбиент-композиторов из России, Греции, Сербии, США и Украины. Все композиции были выпущены 45 Echoes Sounds в 2020 году.  

Free Download and Listens: 
Micxloud (MP3) - Part 1 | Part 2 


PART 1 (65:12)

1. Thaneco - Eternal Winter  [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

2. EugeneKha and West Remi - Ashram [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E093-2020]

3. Thaneco - Slowly The Snow Melts [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

4. EugeneKha - Nano Water 2019 [45 Echoes Sounds and RoutNote | 5059505718083]

5. EugeneKha and West Remi - April Snow [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E093-2020]

6. Nothingness - Path To Turres (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E089-2020]

7. Thaneco - Bunkers Of Blood  [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

8. Thaneco - Pyramids Beneath The Ice  [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

9. EugeneKha - We Are Air (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E087-2020]

10. EugeneKha and West Remi - Crystal [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E093-2020]

11. EugeneKha - Crimean Spirits [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E091-2020]

PART 2 (69: 54)

1. EugeneKha - Air Is Us (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E087-2020]

2. Nothingness - Path To Turres [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E089-2020]

3. EugeneKha and Perelog - Ambient Plein Air Live (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E090-2020]

4. Thaneco - Antarctic Morning  [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

5. Thomas Park - Dioramic Dunescape (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E088-2020]

6. Nothingness - Forest Of Helm (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E089-2020]

7. EugeneKha and West Remi - Iris Ambient [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E093-2020]

8. Thaneco - Ancient Creatures Of The Arctic Ocean  [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

9. EugeneKha and Perelog - Ambient Plein Air Live (Fragment) [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E090-2020]

10. Thaneco - Legend Of Cthulu  [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E086-2020]

11. EugeneKha and West Remi - Sleep Off… [45 Echoes Sounds | 45E093-2020]


[45E093-2020] EugeneKha And West REmi - Four

We are happy to present you the new album by the duo “EugeneKha and West Remi”. For the first time, the fourth album of this international project (Russia - Ukraine) is not connected with the history of the fictional planet Inkhe - before you is a collection of ambient sketches not united by a common storyline. However, the sound of the duo is still recognizable: it is still melodic, space ambient interspersed with elements of Electronic New Age, Chillout / Downtempo and Berlin School.


Дуэт EugeneKha And West Remi (INKHE Project) – результат сотрудничества двух композиторов — Евгения В. Харитонова (EugeneKha, Россия) и Ивана Ныщуна (West Remi, Украина). В 2015 году они объединились для создания серии концептуальных альбомов в жанрах космической и научно-фантастической электроники. Музыка Евгения В. Харитонова (EugeneKha) и Ивана Ныщуна (West Remi) — вереница связанных между собой научно-фантастических историй о покорении вымышленной планеты INKHE (в названии планеты и проекта зашифрованы реальные имена музыкантов).


The duet EugeneKha And West Remi (INKHE Project) - is the result of a collaboration between two composers: Evgeny V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha, Russia) and Ivan Nyshchun (West Remi, Ukraine). In 2015, they teamed up to create a series of concept albums in the genres of space and sci-fi electronics. The music of Evgeny (or Evgenij) V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) and Ivan Nyshchun (West Remi) is a string of related science fiction stories about the conquest of the fictional planet INKHE (the real names of the musicians are encrypted in the name of the planet and the project).


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[45E096-2021] Amazon Watcher - Baking Trap Ambient

  [45E096-2021] Baking Trap Ambient by Amazon Watcher