[45E029-2014] West Remi - Leaf Fall

Artist: West Remi
Album: Leaf Fall
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: 45E029-2014
Country Of Artist: Ukraine - Germany
Style: Ambient
Total time: 35:37
Format: Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3
Release date: May 2014
Tracks: 7
© Music and Artwork by West Remi
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Album Presentation:

'Leaf Fall' - The End of Life. Death is the inevitable end of all organic life on earth, including human life.
A man's death, however, is not the annihilation of his identity, but only the destruction of his physical shell.
In order not to sorrow excessively over the loss of a loved one, we should consider that physical death also has a positive aspect.
It brings man relief from his daily labors and from all the sorrows, illnesses and fears which fill our earthly existence.
It is a passage to a better world, where eternal light shines, where the truth of God reigns, where there is no grief, and where the souls of the faithful find everlasting joy and peace.
These and similar thoughts will be our comfort when we lose people dear to us. Their transfer to another world reminds us that our own end is approaching.

Artist Info:

West Remi creates Ambient, Soundscapes music. The basic concept of creativity – spiritual and moral condition of modern people.



[02:40] 1. Downhill of Life
[04:26] 2. Forgotten Dreams
[05:34] 3. Enlightenment
[04:32] 4. Thoughts of Eternity
[05:19] 5. Leaf Fall
[07:02] 6. Fatality
[06:01] 7. Farewell

Copyright [c] 2014, Released a Creative Commons License For Free Non-Commercial Use As Long As Certain Condition Are met

Personal Copyright:

2014 [c] West Remi
2014 [c] 45 Echoes Sounds, publication and distribution

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