[45E042-2015] Rootea (feat. EugeneKha) - Oceans

Artist: Rootea feat EugeneKha
Album: Oceans
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E042-2015]
Country Of Artists: Russia
Style: Guitar Ambient,Ambient Rock, Post-rock, Jazz fusion
Total time:  21:04
Format: Lossless (FLAC);
Release date: 30 October 2015
Tracks:  6
Music by Andrey 'Avs_Silvester' Skorobogatov, Alexander 'Nalz' Markukhin, Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha)
Artwork By Anna Snegina

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[03:36] 1. Pacific Ocean. Whales (feat. EugeneKha)
[03:44] 2. Indian Ocean. Grampuses (feat. EugeneKha)
[03:24] 3. South Ocean. Penguins
[03:25] 4. Arctic Ocean. Walruses
[03:26] 5. Atlantic Ocean. Dolphins
[03:31] 6. Internal Waterbodies. Nerpas (feat. EugeneKha)

Album Setup:
Hardware: Stagg electric guitar SES50M-SB vintage series, Amati Super Classic Saxophone, live percussion, Sony MC-25E microphone, Digitech RP255 Processor, CME M-Key v2, Asus A6s.
Software: Audacity, Cubase 6.0, PlazmaSound (andriod)

Artist Info:
Rootea is russian experimental music project from Ekaterinburg that started in 2012. The music interests of duet located between the psychedelic rock, ambient and jazz fusion genres. All albums and EP begans as improvised recording session of Andrey 'Avs_Silvester' Skorobogatov and Alexander 'Nalz' Markukhin .
Andrey Skorobogatov (guitars, keyboards, harmonica, percussion) was burn in 1987, he is IT-specialist and sci-fi writer. The first lobit, garage rock releases of one-man-band Avs Silvester was recorded in 2008-2009 years, after that he sequentially invented "yozh-metal" (hedgehog metal, in 2011) and "kraut-djent" (in 2013) music styles. Since 2009 he created and released solo and so-author on netlables more than 40 albums in different music styles from drone ambient and folk rock to industrial and progressive metal.
Alexander Markukhin (alt-saxophone, wind instruments, percussion, sound effects) was burn in 1994 and since the age of sixteen plays in different ural's rock and experimental bands and project - Karovas Milkshake, the Stockman, Vitamin Youth, Koroli Izgoev, SamSebeJoe and other.
Andrey and Alexander are also participating in metal progect SOQR (Dmitry Bogitsky, Nadya Kolt.
Also Rootea is second planet colony of humans from sci-fi novels of Andrey Skorobogatov. The exploration of Rootea began in 2110.

Rootea and Avs Silvester Webs:

EugeneKha Web:

Personal Copyright:
(c) Andrey 'Avs_Silvester' Skorobogatov, 2015
(c) Alexander 'Nalz' Markukhin, 2015
(c) Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha), 2015
(c) Anna Snegina, 2015

2015 [c] 45 Echoes Sounds, publication, distribution

Copyright [c] 2015, Released a Creative Commons License For Free Non-Commercial Use As Long As Certain Condition Are met

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