[45E080-2019] West Remi - Second Day

Artist: West Remi
Album: Second Day
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E080-2019]
Country Of Artist: Germany — Ukraine
Style: Ambient, Spacebient, Space Music
Release: 12 April 2019
Tracks: 7
(c) Music By Ivan Nyschun, 2019
Description: Music is written under the influence of the book of Genesis. The cycle of albums is dedicated to the Creator of the World.

Release — Bandcamp

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Vkontakte (mp3)
Yandex Disk (mp3)
12 May 2019

Promo Video

1. Second Day #1 (6:30)
2. Second Day #2 (6:30)
3. Second Day #3 (7:19)
4. Second Day #4 (7:06)
5. Second Day #5 (5:01)
6. Second Day #6 (4:49)
7. Second Day #7 (4:57)

Artist Info: 
West Remi creates Ambient, Soundscapes music. The basic concept of creativity -  
spiritual and moral condition of modern people. 

West Remi Web:


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