[45E088-2020] Thomas Park - Dioramic Dunescapes

Artist: Thomas Park
Album: Dioramic Dunescapes
Artist Country: USA
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E088-2020]
Style: Experimental Ambient, Soundscapes, Minimal Ambient, Musique Concrete
Release: May 13, 2020
Time: 62.22
Credits: Music and Artwork by Thomas Park, 2020 (c)

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1. Dioramic Soundscape-1 (22.01)
2. Dioramic Soundscape-2 (20.19)
3. Dioramic Soundscape-3 (20.02)

The key about the music is it was generated using my computer and Python code.
In short, I collected some ambient guitar sounds, and my code processed and mixed them together using randomness and looping. None was sequenced by me. So, I too feel some results are better, and that is where I am looking, where I am aiming to go with generative.

Thomas Park has been involved with music for his entire life. He was trained in classical and jazz music as a teenager, and played the trombone and piano. His listening habits changed in the late 1980's, and Thomas became interested in electronic music. After several years of writing techno as the band AutoCad, Thomas was fortunate enough to collaborate with Robin Storey of Rapoon. This project helped Thomas to evolve into the ambient / drone band Mystified. Mystified has found considerable success, both through online and physical releases, and is known for being proficient, creative and prolific.
Musician focusing on dark, often minimal music. Main genres include drone and ambient music, with additional works in electronica, phonography, musique concrete and others.
Projects of Thomas: Mystified, Mister Vapor, etc.

Thomas Park Webs:
Internet Archive

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