[45E089-2020] Nothingness - Forest Of Helm

Artist: Nothingness
Album: Forest Of Helm
Country Of Artist: Serbia
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E089-2020]
Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Ritual
Release: May 2020
Tracks: 2
Time: 56.88
Digital format: WAV, mp3
Credits: (c) Music By Nikola Antic (Dr. Occulta), 2020

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01 - Forest Of Helm (45:58)
02 - Path To Turres (11:30)


Лэйбл 45 Echoes Sounds, конечно, в первую очередь стремится к светлому, мечтательному космическому эмбиенту, к звукам мелодически ярким (это то, что мы на самом деле любим). Но с самого начала своего существования мы всё же пытаемся предложить вам разные грани звучания музыки эмбиент, разные его стили. И сегодня в нашем каталоге - замечательный темный, ритуальный альбом музыканта из Сербии.
Располагайтесь удобнее и откройте ваши уши!
Label 45 Echoes Sounds, of course, first of all strives for bright, dreamy cosmic ambient, melodically bright sounds (this is what we really love). But from the very beginning of our existence, we are still trying to offer you different facets, different sides of the sound of ambient music, its different styles. And today in our catalog is a wonderful dark and ritual album of a musician from Serbia.
Sit comfortably and open your ears!

Artist Info:
4 album by this isolated creation from eastern Serbia landscape.
Hypnotic atmosphere makes an all together a telepatic creation of thoughts and emotions. A dark and abandoned soundscape, which would draw many dark ambient fan into is grisp. Focusing the worlds beyond the veil, either deep in history, or a matter of footsteps away hidden in a dark realm. Only for true dark individuals! Music by Nikola Antic (Dr.Occulta)

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